like a little bean

the fuel kids' photoblog

with pops

"i am skeptical about this situation."

"the reception isn't great, but the taste is outstanding."

"mmm... that sounds good. i'll have that."

"messy is fun!"

the wrath

of the infant

"wanna kiss, dad?"

"was that over-enthusiastic? now i'm embarrassed..."

big bib

"this bib is awesome!"

i'm cute

"don't you just want to buy me stuff?"


"i am sleepy."

"mom says that biscuits are too messy for clothes."

"we are very serious."

not good

A lesson in bad parenting. Power cords are what the Bean chews on when left alone with Dad.





"hey, spoon!"

"what's out there?"

"that cereal makes me thirsty"


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