like a little bean

the fuel kids' photoblog

"come here, spoon..."

the thumb

is yummy

my girls

"i sure do love you, mom."


"now that's some tasty toe."



"when's my dinner?"

"i love everything as long as it means i'm not in my car seat."

"the car seat? again? i am not pleased."


"it's not you, great-grandma. i'm just sleepy."

who needs dvd's or books or travel scrabble when you've got delicious rattle/chew toy?

Last beach pictures. For real.

the ocean: troubling

sand: less troubling. quite enjoyable, actually.

"ooh, feel that sea breeze..."

Non-beach road trip pictures start tomorrow.

"we're leaving? but i wasn't crying for real..."

"this wet sand is pretty cool, too."

"come on, mom. there's a slide."

"i think i like this beach place..."

"i am tired and hungry and cold and sick of the beach. take me home."

More beach photos to come.

"driving makes me sleepy."

almost sitting up

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