like a little bean

the fuel kids' photoblog

"a bow? you're kidding, right?"

"hey! it's a green!"

"so when do we take off?"

"and the moose said what?"

"foot. also quite tasty."

"mmm... pablo may be on to something here..."

"you're eating me? seriously, why would you do that?"

"that's some nice skin you got there, aunt jane"

the turtle impression

"ooh, this is nice... is this cotton?"

the duck

"he likes it 'cause it's almost like flying"

but not the apples

"no wonder you threw this thing at the end."

"it tastes salty."

[british accent] "mmm, I say... that sunset is smashing. really smashing."

"i'm trapped!"

"well, this is nice."

ice cream

There's still time to vote

"mmm... now this is what i'm talkin' about..."

We're entering the Bean in a cutest-baby contest. This is your chance to vote for your favorite picture of the Bean. The most voted-for picture of the following five will be entered in the contest at Cast your vote by leaving a comment via the link at the bottom of the post with your favorite photo's caption.

the shoes

swimming smiles

little pink riding hood

wide eyes


"this plastic tab is tasty."

"I've got a little surprise for you guys..."

"this is just between us"

"if i can get serious for a second..."

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